OER1103 Demonstration

Thursday 12 May 16.15 Cockcroft Theatre

An innovative approach to producing interactive learning materials as OERs

Holger Andersson, Stephen Gomez & Pete D. Watton, University of Plymouth

Conference Theme: Collaboration and communities

Intended audience: Developers of OERs

Abstract: There is currently a move in HE towards media-enriched content, and this is clearly reflected in the OER community, with increasing numbers of videos released as OER. We have been working with video resources for learning purposes for traditional students and learners in the workplace and have developed a web-based, Web 2.0 video delivery system which allows users to both view and to interact with the video content in a number of ways, including rearranging the materials as well as layering comments and extra information on the videos. The system allows users to share playlists, collaboratively annotate videos, and engage in asynchronous discussions about the material. The site allows the formation of communities of practice, by subdividing the content into separate channels – each with a specific topic or focus. The users can communicate and collaborate through channel-specific discussion forums, and messaging tools. The demonstration will show how videos are uploaded into the system and how users can interact with the materials. Dummy accounts will be made available and participants can try out the techniques themselves. We believe that the approaches we will demonstrate add to the range of OERs and will encourage the further production of video resources.

Keywords: Video; OERs; interaction; collaboration; communities of practice