OER1107 Oral Presentation pdf

Wednesday 11 May 15.15 Cockcroft Theatre

A sustainable approach to cost-efficient institutional OER practice

Simon Thomson, Leeds Metropolitan University

Conference Theme: OER strategy and sustainability

Abstract: At Leeds Metropolitan University we undertook a phase one pilot OER project funded by JISC & HEA. As part of that study we examined the sustainable practices in OER and developed our own sustainable strategy for maintaining OER development across the institution long after the funding had ceased. We have identified a number of key components that have enabled us to sustain OER practice at Leeds Met through embedding it as part of a wider strategy. This approach has been developed through the belief that OER can improve the teaching and learning process with a granular use of OER materials.
This session explores the processes we have developed as well those which were already established but have had OER mapped onto them. We also discuss the approaches to embedding practice, what is required to create a “sustainable practice” and how we have begun to change hearts and minds when it comes to OER creation, use and reuse. The session will also explore the development of partnerships both internal and external and the impact they have on sustaining OER practice within the institution.

Keywords: OER; sustainability; institution; strategy; reward & recognition


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