OER1144 Demonstration ppt

Thursday 12 May 15.45 Cockcroft Theatre

Creative Cosmos: film, creativity and derivative works

Tita Beaven & Anna Comas-Quinn, The Open University

Conference Theme: Collaboration and communities

Intended audience: Producers of OER, teachers who use OER, colleagues with backgrounds in the Arts and Humanities, creative industries, or language teaching.

Abstract: In this demo we will introduce you to a new resource, El Cosmonauta / The cosmonaut, an innovative film project that uses openness, Creative Commons licenses and crowd funding as its core principles. El Cosmonauta has been called 'the most stimulating Spanish film project of the moment' (El PaĆ­s), and is said to mark "the start of a new era" (TVE, Spanish TV channel); its aim, quite simply, is to change everything and turn the film industry on its head.
El Cosmonauta has made all the work of the project, such as the teaser trailer and the different drafts of the script, available for comment and reuse under Creative Commons licenses, and actively encourages others to remix it into derivative works. As the shooting progresses, they will also make the film available under Creative Commons. We will look at the way in which the community has engaged with two competitions run by El Cosmonauta to encourage creative reuse, and the lessons we can learn in the context of the OER project.
We will also look at ways in which the community is central to this project, be it via El Cosmonauta's inclusive use of social media or its crowd funding initiative, which has made thousands of people (including us!) co-producers of the film, and active contributors to the social networks used in the project (including twitter, facebook, vimeo and youtube).
Finally, we will look at collaboration in the context of how this innovative film project has had an impact on our own OER work. As part of our involvement in El Cosmonauta project, we have worked with our community of language teachers in our own repository of language teaching  OER to reuse their materials and create new language teaching resources from them, giving a different life to these inspiring assets.


Keywords: film; creativity; reuse; repurpose; OER; derivative works


The Cosmonaut http://www.thecosmonaut.org/