Open Discussion

Thursday 12 May 17.30 Breakout Room 6

Is there a need for an Open Education Association?

Chair: Jonathan Darby, The Open University

Abstract: There has been considerable growth in OER activity in the UK over the last few years which has enjoyed support from various sources including charitable foundations (eg Hewlett), the HE Academy, JISC and HEFCE (which funds SCORE). Expertise within the HE community has grown accordingly. OER11 has brought together many of these experts but this has only been possible through HEFCE's funding of SCORE. This ends in July 2012. Is there a need for an Open Education Association in the UK that would enable OER practitioners to take ownership of this important and growing field? The Association would aim to encourage and improve open education practice, promote research, and influence policy, by bringing together practitioners, researchers, and policy makers in open education.

• Do we need a new association or would a better strategy be to establish a UK chapter of OCW or a SIG within ALT?
• What should an Open Education Association do?
• Would institutions join and at what cost?
• Is sponsorship a realistic possibility?
• Would you want to support the Association and in what way?

Come and tell us what you think.