OER11 Programme Committee

Jonathan Darby (Chair), The Open University [email protected]
Sylvia Alexander, University of Ulster [email protected]
Tom Boyle, London Metropolitan University [email protected]
Tom Browne, University of Exeter [email protected]
Jackie Carter, University of Manchester [email protected]
Charles Duncan, Intrallect Ltd [email protected]
Sean Faughnan, University of Oxford [email protected]
Eddie Gulc, Higher Education Academy [email protected]
David Kernohan, JISC [email protected]
Andy Lane, The Open University [email protected]
Dawn Leeder, UCEL [email protected]
Allison Littlejohn, Glasgow Caledonian University [email protected]
Patrick McAndrew, The Open University [email protected]
Jeff Merriman, MIT [email protected]
Chris Pegler, The Open University [email protected]
Megan Quentin-Baxter, Newcastle University [email protected]
Kees-Jan van Dorp, European Association of Distance Teaching Universities
[email protected]
Sharon Waller, Higher Education Academy [email protected]
Richard Windle, University of Nottingham [email protected]

OER11 Administrator:

Lois Strickland - PA to Director, Shared Solutions & SCORE
[email protected]
Tel 01908 653848

OER11 Organiser

Dawn Leeder - Director, UCEL
[email protected]
Tel: 07949 588207

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